Removing nodes with no tags.


We are working on a project which requires us to parse data and insert data in a graph database on which later several computations shall be carried out.

In the data say of New Delhi there are many many nodes with no tags. But one or some other way has references to those node’s. Such nodes has a large volume base in the data and might create quite some nuisance in the computations as there are many unnecessary calls. Also it increases the database size.
So I thought of this as a possible solution: eliminating such nodes from the input file, but keep a note of references of such nodes. Later shall omit all references to these nodes from all the way’s thus removing such nodes,

Two Questions:

  1. With what philosophy were such nodes embedded. Would they be of some use in the future. Is it a wise decision to remove them.
  2. With the help of Osmosis, I am aware of eliminating such nodes. But how can I remove references to these nodes from all “way”. Because if not then I will have to manually parse it and do the desired actions
  3. Is it the right approach? Or can there be a better solution? Any inputs would do.

Thanks in advance.

Thats how it works: ways are build up of nodes. If you remove nodes that are part of a way you remove the way as well.

Or are you speaking of nodes -without tags- that are NOT referenced by ways or relations?