Removing an administrative area from another area

I’m trying to remove Skagway, Alaska from the Unorganized Borough. However, I’m still very new so as such I don’t know how to do that. I think it may have something to do with the administrative level, but I’m not sure. Could anyone please give me some tips?

Thanks in advance.

I agree. As of relation (Skagway, admin_level=8) should not be part of relation (Unorganized Borough, admin_level=6).

I have removed the Unorganized Borough from the boundaries around Skagway and changed the admin tag of Skagway from 8 to 6. However, when searching for it, it still displays as Skagway, Unorganized Borough. How would I go about changing that?

EDIT: It appears to have sorted itself out. Skagway is now completely separate from the Unorganized Borough.