Removing Airports

The location of airports is not important in our industry and there are so many they are a distraction. I’m looking for a way to hide the airport layer.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction? I’m new so detailed help is appreciated.


it’s not easy to understand what you are talking about :frowning:

WHERE do you see airports which should be unvisible for you?

  • osm based application on android or iOS?
  • Web based applications on PC/Mac/… using OSM-Tiles as background?
  • somewhere else?

please give us more details. best are links and snapshots (links to images).


Example: The airports are showing as prominent icons on the map which are visually distracting.

The map style that you’re using looks like OSM’s “standard” style (compare for example with ). I’m guessing that you’re actually using OSM’s standard map tiles directly? What I’d suggest that you do is to create your own map style and modify it so that it doesn’t show the alleged airports. You can base it on OSM’s standard style if you want so that it looks otherwise familiar.

In a map style that I look after I split airports into large and small via this code: and didn’t show the small ones until you’re zoomed in more.