Removing administrative boundaries in Potlach

Is it possible to remove all these administrative boundaries in level 11 in Potlach? It’s almost impossible to draw on Yahoo maps when these boundaries follow ways. It’d wish whenever Yahoo is choosen as a background no "artificial elements should be shown.


no, in Potlatch it isn’t possible to hide elements. But in josm you can hide elements with the “filter”.

You can make them thinner in the options.

That’s not the problem. These boundaries have so many way points it’s almost impossible to hit one. Or is there an option to inhibit connecting with other ways?

There’s no such option in Potlatch 1. In Potlatch 2 you can of course use a custom stylesheet which doesn’t show boundaries.

You could misplace a node on purpose and then move it to where it should be, that is what I am doing when a node has to be placed where something else already exists.

That’s what I currently do but it’s rather inconvenient. Hopefully Potlatch2 will support it.


Have you try the gost puging in JOSOM, acording to their description is what you need

“Allows you to declutter the editor by hiding or disabling large overlapping polygons that get in the way of mapping details. Tested only on a single data layer.”

JOSM is no option for me.