Remove vertex where vertices are N distance frm each other

I’m looking for a method to process a large road network so that no line segment is shorter then N meters.

I’ve tried to simplify and generalize. My issue is that I don’t need the entire data set generalize. For instance: Suppose I have a line that is comprised of four nodes and is 4 m in length. One segment of the line is 2.5m, another segment is 1m and the final segment is 0.5 m in length. Ultimately I want to remove the node between the two later line segments so that I am left with two line segments - one being 2.5m and the other being 1.5m.

There may even be cases where there is one line segment comprised of two nodes that is less than my required length. Lets suppose that each end node of that line has coincident end-points from two other line segments. Is it possible to automate a process where this short line segment is removed and the end points of the four adjoining line segments are moved to the same location - essentially to replace that line segment with a series of four coincident roads? Essentially making a four point intersection rather than two two point intersections joined by a line segment?

Please excuse me if this question is a little convoluted. Of course I know I can make all these edits by hand but I am working with a provincial road network data set and aim to make it routable. I believe this is a common issue we are all experiencing with cGPSMapper. Any scripts or help would be greatly appreciated.

I thank you in advance for any inspiration and help the community can offer. I’m at a serious impasse right now.

mkgmap will remove short arcs caused by too-short distances between nodes. Have you looked at how that is implemented?

Hmm I have not tried that yet. Can I export MP files from Mkmap to compile in to an IMG file? The I could recreate my road network hierarchy in gpsMapEdit and compile?

No, mkgmap takes MP or OSM files and creates an IMG file. It is much more focused on OSM than MP, though.

GpsMapEdit will let you fix “too close vertices” when you run “verify map”.

It leaves some errors behind, though, that cgpsmapper reports at compile time. Those you’ll have to fix manually using a text editor like NotePad ++.

mkgmap was much more forgiving the last time I used it.

Thanks Seldom,

I know I can identify the nodes that are too close and fix them in MapEdit but this won’t be feasible for the data set I’m using. I’m working on a provincial road network so going through and removing nodes, or deleting small segments and then joining its networked roads, will take MUCH too long. I can’t invest weeks in fixing this data (which I’d have to do to the source data anyways so I won’t have to do it all over again the next time I update the data set).

If I could identify all nodes that are too close but NOT an end point; and I could to a “find” in notepad++ and the delete these that would solve half my problems. I just can’t have that end node disapear of course :slight_smile:

Anyone else with an idea of how to preprocess the Road Data in ArcGIS - a generalize won’t work as I need it to. I need some soft of vba script for Arc that can analyze a Line segment and remove any vertex that’s not an end-vertex.