Remove bad gpx data?

Hi forum,

Someone uploaded “bad” GPS data, is there a way to remove it from the database. I assume it’s some sort of error, the date stamp when looking at the individual trace in JOSM is
1/1/70 1:00 AM - 1:00 AM (0:00)

That time stamp is just the start of POSIX time, expressed in CET or BST. It is a typical result of not having a time or obfuscating the time to anonymise the data.

It looks like someone has sorted by latitude.

The first approach would be to message the submitter.

As there is no identification of which application you used, and no way to identify the problem data, are you sure that it is not your tool chain that is re-sorting the points?

Just guessing, but the problem isn’t the same as is it? That’s caused by a security fix in OSM. Of the website-accessible errors it doesn’t exist in iD, is fixed (to an extent) in P2 and will presumably be addressed in JOSM in their monthly release. See the full email thread and the links from there for information.

Also explained here:

This is going to prove a significant problem for people who install JOSM as a package on Linux systems, unless OSM can convince the packagers that it should be treated as a security issue. Generally they freeze on a particular version from a little before the release date of a new major version of the distribution, then do nothing except back port security fixes. Given that it can be hassle moving between distribution versions that mean people can be using versions that are several years behind the official latest release.

Not really. Just follow the instructions at .