Relations and automatic evaluation of completeness i Wiki


How do I make a page in the Wiki with relations and automatically generates their completeness.

Like bicycle routes etc.

I can see that there is something about it in the page about relations under tag and distance.

Please Help



I don’t think a wiki page can automatically evaluate the completeness of a route relation, even if it has been tagged with the total distance. I think it relies on someone editing the wiki to check with one of the relation analyser tools what the current length is and do the maths themselves before updating the page.

I suppose it might be somehow possible to write your own program that calculates the completeness and then somehow automatically edits the wiki page for you, but that sounds like a lot of work.

This page is just one of a number which is currently updated manually:
so if you do come up with a solution it could perhaps be used on other pages too.

there is already a programme to “check relations”. It can be found here:

You can downlaod the source (in Perl) or ask the maker to run the check on an area you are interested in. Germany and The Netherlands are already on a regular basis evaluated.

If you are able to run the Perl programme yourself, it would be appreciated if you share the results on a wiki page.

Success, Hugo

There’s also the OSM Relation Analyser.