Relation both for MTB and Hiking

I have mapped a Relation for a mtb route, but this is also a an hiking route. Now I habe put “Route= mtb, hiking” but in this case render map as that use route=mtb to render mtb trip and route=hiking to render hiking trip are not able to render my route neither on mtb map nor on hiking map.

So i have modified to “route=mtb”, and now is render on mtb maps, but il not completely correct because is also an hiking route.

I wound to tell if is possible to attibute two different relations to the same route (one as mtb and one as hiking), if that is correct and, if yes, what is the speed way to do that?

Thank you


ok I find myself…
in JOSM I oper the relation and then I click on second botton on the top “create a copy of this relation and open it in another window of the editor” and than change mtb to hiking and than save it.
Now my trip have two relations similar but with route change from mtb to hiking.

Is correct?

I would have done it the same way, assuming that these 2 different routes being identical is merely a coincidence where the authority in charge of the hiking route could e.g. decide to add a shortcut or detour to the route while the mtb track remains unchanged.