Registration and Login-Buttons

If you are not logged in, you will see two buttons: Login and Register. Both currently redirect to the SSO page in
Is this intentional or wouldn’t it make sense to either disable the Register button or redirect to the registration page Sign Up | OpenStreetMap ?


Both buttons work, and redirect back to the forum as expected. People new to OSM may sign up via the signup button from… I think both buttons are required.

I think the expectation was that “Sign up” would take you to Sign Up | OpenStreetMap instead.

The problem is that discourse doesn’t know whether when you hit sign up you are asking to sign up to discourse and already have an OSM account or whether you are asking to signup to OSM.

I suspect most people hitting it will in fact have OSM accounts and, not realising that they can just login, will hit signup to signup to discourse…

I agree, “Sign up” isn’t exactly clear here, and could mean different things to different people.

A few sites running on Discourse have opted to remove “Sign Up”. This might make sense here, as both buttons take you exactly to the same page.

Renaming the button to “Sign up to OpenStreetMap” might be another option. In that case, it’s more obvious that this button isn’t so much about Discourse only.