Regions were lost after rebuild by {cgpsmapper+GMapTool+MapSource}

My friend asked me to upload new map to his Garmin Vista HSx. His device already contains illegal maps for our country. As I have no deals with illegal copies of maps I should repack his maps with new map (I want not to download a ready to upload illegal copies). So, I split his maps and added them to MapSource, also I added new OSM Map of Karelia and upload them to device. After these operations I have lost my region, I have only new region (Russia) to select when I search a poin by address.
Note 1: all maps set as visible and exactly visible on screen.
Note 2: I use free version of cgpsmapper.
Please help.

Your Garmin Vista can contain only one map (I guess that is Russia) and it should be named gmapsupp.img which you can find in a folder called ‘Garmin’ on your micro SD card. In order to see that Karelia map you must remove or rename gmapsupp.img to gmapsupp.old and rename your Kareliamap.img to gmapsupp.img.