Region Borders Get Lost When I Shut Down The Left Pane!

I Search a region. It shows the region with orange borders.

Then I shut down the left pane to see the map full screen. However this time the region borders get lost.

Is there a way to shut down the left pane without losing the borders?

Nearly everything has already been said that has to be said in my answer to your previous posting, but one more thing: please use normal capitalisation for your topics, capitalizing every word is very annoying.


What Simon says (no pun intended), though I don’t see it, just double spaced lines is, ALL CAPS sentences or words that have no reason to be all caps in normal writing is in the netizen world considered SHOUTING. Back in the 80’s often saw ALL CAPS bulletins which made for easy reading, no shouting intended, but on the internet it just not good form.


The left panel that opens (on when you select an object in the OSM database is automatically loaded as part of the link/URL: when you exit, you are redirected from the URL for the object to the map URL.

The only real way to hide the panel whilst retaining the outline would be to delete it with developer tools, though I would recommend learning some basic Overpass queries and downloading your data via Overpass Turbo to visualise it in a GIS of your choice.

I hope It will be added as feature in future.

Sorry for the titles. It’s called as Title Case In MS Word. I didn’t think It’s considered as Shouting. Though I know All Caps is considered as shouting.

It is simply barely legible.