Región Administrativa de Planificación en Colombia

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He actualizado algunas regiones con admin_level=3 en Colombia, según
Estas regiones ya estaban presentes en Openstreetmap, con una lista incorrecta de
departamentos, así que los actualicé y agregué el límite boundary a estos

Estas relaciones se pueden ver en overpass turbo.

Tengo dos preguntas sobre estas regiones:

  • ¿Se espera que Caldas pertenezca a dos regiones diferentes? (RAP Eje Cafetero y RAP del Agua y la Montaña)
  • Misma pregunta para Tolima, que está en RAP Central y RAP Eje Cafetero.

Wikipedia también parece implicar que estos dos departamentos están en dos RAP diferentes, pero esto parece extraño. ¿Puede confirmar que se espera?




I’ve updated some regions with admin_level=3 in Colombia, according to Wikipedia.
These regions were already present in Openstreetmap, with an incorrect list of
departements, so I’ve updated them, and added the boundary limit to these

These relations can be seen on overpass turbo.

I have two questions on these regions:

  • is it expected that Caldas belongs to two different regions? (RAP Eje Cafetero and RAP del Agua y la Montaña)
  • same question for Tolima, which is in RAP Central and RAP Eje Cafetero.

Wikipedia also seems to imply that these two departments are in two different RAP, but this looks strange. Can you confirm that it is expected?


(just in case it is not obvious) Wikipedia can’t be used as a source for OSM, because the licence is not compatible. Whatever source was used to update Wikipedia might have a compatible licence, of course.

I only used Wikipedia to cross-check with official websites from RAP themselves, and with what was already present on the OSM relations. The link I gave is mostly to explain what this discussion is about. So, it should be fine licence-wise :slight_smile:

The main issue is that I couldn’t find an official page from Colombia country itself, listing all existing RAP and their departments, and my Spanish is not good enough to make better searches. Hopefully, somebody from Colombia will be able to find a good source.

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Thank you, @Jocelyn, for the adjustment of the RAP regions.

In Colombia, we have these pages related to political division:

I think a department can belong to multiple RAPS:

Also, if you want to contribute to the political division in Colombia, we are doing a MapRoulette Challenge: MapRoulette with an organized activity: Organised Editing/Activities/Colombia-arreglo división política - OpenStreetMap Wiki

The purpose is to align the boundaries to rivers or to the appropriate boundary, as well as use a standard tagging schema.

Thanks for the explanation - I had missed these pages on OSM wiki.

I hoped that the RAP division would cover Colombia, without any overlap, but I will need to find another possible split - the main idea is to run Osmose QA on smaller extracts than the whole Colombia country. I think I will split with the departments.

Natural regions is another division in Colombia, and it should be without overlaps.

They are listed in the wiki pges above.

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