Regarding removeal of manoeuvre relation

I would strongly encourage that is relation be restored Changeset: 150128301 | OpenStreetMap the manoeuvre relation was put the as a last resort because the router and gps do not recognize a right hand turn and a giveway heading north. This is a 80km/h road and with no warning of a giveway and turn coming is very dangerous it basically a blind corner. It was put there for a very strict reason.

There’s a wiki page about these relations here. There are currently 211 worldwide.

Could you perhaps explain in a few more words what the problem is? I don’t see anything mapped about give way/yield etc., so presumably any driver would have to be attentive to road signage anyway?

It would perhaps help if you could explain (a) what a router would do without this relation in place and (b) what a route would do with it? Unfortunately there don’t appear to be any documented data consumers for this relation type.

Edit: History and context here.

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OK travelling in the direction given here OpenStreetMap going right at that junction is a giveway and right hand turn to go from piggot range road to piggot range road. Before adding this relation there was no warning and the gps didnt recognise a turn at all, it assumed you are just travelling down the road. in this direction OpenStreetMap there is no giveway you just keep going. Adding the manoeuvre relation forces the gps and routers to recognize it as a turn .

Which GPS / routers?

the gps I use is a garmin drive, I cant remember if valhalla or osrm recognize it as a turn or not, the other place I have used the relation is here OpenStreetMap it’s the same situation

in context of the other thread google maps doesnt even recognize the turn

OSRM invented manoeuvre relations and continues to support them. I don’t know why OSRM’s taginfo project file omits any mention of this relation type. It might be because the file is manually maintained and the developers forgot to update it, or it might be because the developers didn’t want to overly encourage the use of this relation type in situations where it isn’t needed. I wrote up this wiki page because Mapbox and others had started to tag manoeuvre relations but the OSRM team was content to only document the tag on their own wiki.


exactly I have only used this relation as a last resort after trying every other method, (junction nodes, making sharper corners etc) ive seen mentions of this relation as a replacement for the former and kind of laughed to myself.

thankyou for reverting the changeset

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