Regarding passenger_information_display and departures_board=realtime

Two keys appear quite similar passenger_information_display=yes and departures_board=realtime. There has been some small talk on the associated wiki discussion page regarding the similarities, yet nothing has been done to address it yet.

Both tags seek to map the existance of live-updated departures/arrivals boards of public transport.

I feel like departures_board and passenger_information_display should not both be in recommended use due to the large overlap in what they map (i.e. are equivalent). Since departures_board encompasses passenger_information_display and more, as well as being 2x as used (46k vs 110k), I feel like it is the more appropriate tag to maintain.

I would like to more formally address this issue to recommend only using departures_board. I was wondering what the process should be. Should proposal be submitted for voting by the community? Should discussion be made on the associated wiki discussion pages without submitting a proposal?

PID can show much more than real-time departures from another perspective. Some “PID” really only shows the ETA, while others everything from stops and service update to weather, and news. A closer figure is ~11k passenger_information_display=yes > ~7.5k departures_board=realtime.