Reference Map Tool for OSM editers

Hello OSMers,

I used to be regular contributor of OSM data for Malaysia. I know it is very hard to get data on Malaysia as they are not publicly online as much as other countries. Today, I want to share with you my blog post on highway facilities and features found along North-South Expressway. Though not complete, I think it will help editors to add attributes to unknown river names or other sites. ask all potential editors and user of the forum to read my statements mentioned there clearly. This is important when you add data, what to put in the sources.

My best advice would if you see any data sourced, ‘Personal Field Collection’ or ‘Personal GPS Survey’ or ‘Wikipedia’, I recommend you guys to take that info with ease and add into OSM. Any sources that have the world ‘PLUS’, ‘Panoramio’, ‘Bing’, 'Google Maps, ‘Google Earth’, I ask you NOT to take info put into OSM. IF you want to put these attribute data, please mention all the sources stated in the online map. This is to prevent copyright issues for all of us.

Feel free to drop your questions, suggestions and any improvements. I am not making any money or profits out of this online map posted in my blog.

Please zoom in to the online maps as maximum as possible to find out their highest accuracy. In future, if I have time, I will place a Google Map version of this tool so that you can extract coordinates easily. Only thing is Google Map has poor interface in controlling visibility range for the layers.