Ref for klong piers


The Saen Saeb Klongs have reference numbers in Thai and English i.e. ผ่านฟ้า pier (node 567014290) is ต4 and w4 presently they’re only tagged with the English reference numbers. What key should I use for Thai and International reference numbers? Should I use ref and ref_intl, ref and ref:en or some other combination?

I would say the Thai reference goes to ref=*

Not so certain about how to handle the bilingual numbering.
It’s more like ref:en I guess.
In case Chinese tourists come more and more they might add Chinese markers as well, right? so these might get extended to ref:cn…

ref:en is used over 8.000 times, looks like common in Russia, China and Taiwan. ref_intl is not used at all.