ref 219 or 2245?

On my way to Buriram town from South, I cycled on a road which has ref 219 in our data, and also in Google maps. But there I saw road signs showing a different number: 2245, e.g. somewhere here:
According to the history, ref 219 was already used some 3 years ago in our data.
What did happen there? Was #2245 renamed to #219, the old signs still remaining? Or a more recent renaming of #219 to #2245 which hasn’t found its way into our data yet?

That’s probably a typo for 2445. (Hwy 2245 is in Phetchabun.)

2445 appears to be the newer ref, according to a brief search through Google. I wish there was an official list of announcements detailing these changes though.

That could be a typo by me, right.
Strange that according to Google Maps,+Chang+Wat+Buri+Ram,+Thailand/@14.8691949,103.0386332,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x31186a409e315013:0xdcd48aa54d38a2bb!8m2!3d14.6909386!4d103.059237, this road takes now the place of #219, South of Buriram town. Are also Google Earth (showing #219 yesterday) and Google Maps out of sync?