Reduce map size when exporting map

Hey everyone,

I am new here, I registered to ask a question.
I have used to create maps, which I used with no issues on my edge 520. Now, next year, I am planning to go on a trip across Austria and the map size for the region I am planning to cover exceeds 100 Mb, which is all the available space on the edge. Is there any way I can compile a map with less detail and less zoom (if need be); I am even ready to sacrifice routability as I don’t reroute on the device anyway?

The map size as is is about 130 Mb, so there won’t be too much of a compression needed, I guess. Any ideas are very much appreciated. I looked into compiling my own maps with mkgmap, but was intimidated by the complexity.


No, there is no other option than using mkgmap and compile those maps yourself, you cant do this on
Or you can have a look for at these maps, dedicated for the Fenix, but maybe they are too basic?

Thanks for your reply! Are there any good tutorials, possibly as videos, on mkgmap? The official documentation is kind of scary :smiley:

Since you like the OFM style I think best way is to start with

Less detailed, but a while back I wrote a diary entry intended as an introduction to mkgmap: .