Receiving spam from the forum mailer

I’m beginning to receive spam from the forum mailer.
People open an OSM account and use that account for their spam.

One such person is:

Anybody else who is receiving spam?

I get also message from this account
With this message:
Hi my Dear, Am miss Amanda,i view your profile hear and became interested to know you, please contact me with this email id, ( enable me send my Details and pictures to you for us to know each other better i hope to hear from you. Thanks, Yours new friend, Amanda.

I got the same message indeed.

@Lambertus, is this something that needs your attention?

You have my attention, but I don’t know what can be done about this. It is by design that logged-in OSM users can email each other. I think it’s best to report these accounts to the main OSM admins.

Edit: I’ve just deleted all accounts older then january 1st with 0 posts (18k). Not that it will help much for the email spam, but at least a lot of SEO-spam is gone now.

That reminds me: Perhaps it would make sense to coordinate deletions of forum accounts with the deletion of the corresponding OSM account? I.e. create a communications channel between yourself and OSM admins for that purpose?

For true spam accounts that would indeed be useful but part of the deleted accounts are simply users who logged in on the forum once (or more) without posting. Deleting their forum account is mostly painless as bonafide accounts would simply be recreated when the user logs in again (at most their profile information is gone). However, deleting their OSM accounts would raise lots of complaints and questions.