Real time 3D map using WebGL

These issues are now fixed on our internal server, it will be included in next server update.

Great! Thanks. Waiting for update.

any chance to get roof:ridge=yes evaluated?


PS: I like the new cranes (landuse:construction) :slight_smile:

The ridge proposal has not been approved yet and according to taginfo there are only 294 use of this key around the world so we don’t plan to handle it for now.

PS: the cranes handling was my idea, i’m glad you like it :wink:

Yeah, that was quick. Waiting for the update :slight_smile:

How could the direction of roofs been set? Is roof:direction used? Or roof:ridge/edge?

We handle roof:orientation=along|across on base shapes the orientation is computed from the minimal oriented bounding box.
We also handle roof:slope:direction=float (with angle in degree from north) on skillion roofs.

Ok, i’ll get a look on this tags.

btw, it seems that name of amenities (like shop=supermarket) which are set as a node, not are shown on the map.

if you want more details about how we use osm tags there are some explanations on our wiki page

You can now use “N” “NE” “E” “SE” “S” “SW” “W” “NW” as roof:slope:direction value.

Has a roof tagged with ‘N’ exactly at 0 degrees it’s highest point, or is it orientated an the line mostly in the north? For example, if you have a square roof and the lines are at 10/100/190/280 degrees, how would it look like?

roof:slope:direction is the direction downward, so if you put a ball in the mid of the roof it will roll to this direction.

Hm. Wouldn’t it be good to have a tag to orientate the roof to a wall? So that the ball rolls exactly to the middle of one side? :wink:

It was proposed to add nodes with tags roof:direction=begin|end or some relation with roles
roof:direction:begin and roof:direction:end

Wouldn’t it be possible (and in most cases even easier) to calculate this from N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW-Values?

In case there’s a communication problem: The question was, if a ball was placed on the center of a building with “roof:shape”=skillion direction=N and it’s Way-Segments pointing to 10°/100°/190°/280°, would it roll to 10° or to 0°?

Right, that was my question. I think it would roll to 0°. Because this is set with the direction tag.

But the point is, maybe there are some roofs, where the roof direction goes not to one wall. But this are very few roofs, for sure.
But very often a building is not exactly to 0°,90°…, and the roof has its lowest side at one wall. So there has to be a tag that says ‘This roof goes down to this wall’.

It will roll to 0° in F4maps, if you want it to roll to 10° you can specify the roof:slope:direction with clockwise angle in degree from north. My algorithm doesn’t try to snap on edge direction (i’m not sure but i think kendzi3D use a snap method).

I suggest to use N/NE/…-Values for an approximate direction, which should be used to calculate something to fit to the rest of the object and numerical values (in degree clockwise relative to north) for an exact direction which should be used without additional calculations.


I think, that getting information about material (and, consequently, about colour) of roof from tags building:material or material is incorrect:

I see, that, for example, building:colour=floralwhite + building:material=brick is rendered by F4 as building with floralwhite facade and firebrick roof. It is a mistake! Information about material and colour of roof can be got only from tags roof:material and roof:colour, because building:material and building:colour show material and colour only of facade.

  1. Do you support tag roof:direction (as a tag roof:slope:direction)? They said me, that now it is better to use roof:direction instead of roof:slope:direction.

  2. Could you explain, why this building is not rendered?

    building=apartments + building:parts=horizontal + building:levels=9: building:part=yes + building:levels=1, building:part=yes + building:levels=3 + building:min_level=1, building:part=yes + building:levels=5 + building:min_level=3, building:part=yes + building:levels=7 + building:min_level=5, building:part=yes + building:levels=8 + building:min_level=7, building:part=yes + building:levels=9 + building:min_level=7.

  3. I noticed, that map shows name:en instead of name (if name:en exists). Could you, please, transfer this feature to separate option, which can be switched on and off by user? In many cases people want to see name, but not name:en.

roof:ridge=yes is used 5.000 times :slight_smile:


  1. the osm spec has changed, when i did the material/colour code the spec was :
    “building:facace:colour/material” specify wall colour/material.
    “roof:colour/material” specify roof colour/material.
    “building:material” cover the entire building (it was explained as a shortcut for wall+roof tags).

[Edit: building:material & material tags won’t be used anymore for roof on next release]

  1. no, we don’t support tag roof:direction but i could do it in the futur

  2. i need my database request expert to understand what happened to this building, it looks like something filters it from my buildings request.

[Edit: during import, multipolygon lines order makes a self-intersecting polygon so that it is not rendered, we’re fixing it and it should be ok on the map on next release]

  1. this could be discussed, we already talk a lot about that within the team, we plan to use the browser language to choose the best matching name to display.


Our database relation import does not allow us to handle these tag for now.