Real time 3D map using WebGL

If you already have a working solution, wouldn’t it be nice to make it optional for stronger machines? From my point of view, this would be extremely cool!

Hi, I noticed some issues:

1. Artifacts
See [1] and on O2W. I know such issues, it appeared times before when I missed some nodes that are shared by various building parts but usually this would affect O2W, too.

2. S3D interpretation
This green building looks very different on f4. I guess there are still some problems with defaults or interpretation of S3DB. IMHO this should be a higher priority (incl. all supported types of roofs etc.) if you want to make your map looking right.

3. Mixing weather data
I’m not a lawyer and don’t know how our copyleft affects your final product and all data included. But I recommend to use with the same ODbL to avoid any conflicts with your commercial weather map provider.

4. Scrup as performance killer
Yes, the little plants look very nice, but they just kill my desktop and you see how they need still generated line by line. IMHO this slowdown is to radical.

Currently your map update seems to be paused. When will there be any updates?

Our tiles are created using TileMill and Mapnick we mostly use flat colors and textures for grass, sand… (using the polygon-pattern-file style)

We don’t want to release performance killer features too early to keep an overall satisfying result for most users.

This sometimes occurs when several nodes or ways sharing the same position are not merged in osm.

This comes from our interpretation of building:levels + roof:levels, i’m currently working on a fix for this issue.

In your example the building got conflicting attributes i think it should be simplified (for example i don’t understand how roof:shape=flat combined with roof:levels=1 could work).

I’m not either a lawyer, i’ll ask the team opinion on this.

Scrubs are currently a first version, we’re always working on optimization and performance improvement, for now scrubs and forests are performance killer when applied on large areas.

The synchronization server was paused for a week during the annual F4 team holiday, it should be back to normal in a few days.

Thanks for feedback. I will try to check the green building again.

Concerning the artifacts, I didn’t found any seperated nodes, but call me wrong. Will check this again, too.

Here is another example of obvious S3DB issues:

When we remove the building parts from the outline it creates a hole and we do not handle roof shapes on multipolygons that’s why this building looks weird.

Hy there,

I just saw this map today for the first time and for me it looks great!

Here some things that i’ve noticed:

-I think residential roads normally have no road markings and shouldn’t have them in this map. Also parking_aisle, of course.

-Why don’t you allow bigger zoom?

Some points about buildings/building parts:

-buildings with only the tags: building=yes and roof:shape=mansard (without any height tags) are drawn as single roofs directly on the ground. with the tag roof:shape=half-hipped for example, it is correctly, a building with a roof on it is drawn.

-roof:shape=skillion is in other direction than on kendzis map. I’ve just seen in wiki that there exists an tag roof:direction. is it used in this map? if, what are the values?

This roofs look strange. But, to be honest I don’t know how to tag them right. I tried some things, but nothing worked. Anyone an idea? Here are the buildings in OSM. In housenumber 8 I used building:parts, but this also doesn’t work.

I’ve also wanted to point it:
buildings with one level and roof:shape tags are drawn as roofs on the ground. And another example when 2 level building with the roof is looking the same size as 1 level without roof tags. It may be better to draw roof above the stories if no height tags assigned.
P.S. Anyway, the render is cool!

Some description about roof tagging:

I think that currently it is not defined what should happen when we choose gabled roof and building tagged only with level tag without roof:level tag.

These issues are now fixed on our internal server, it will be included in next server update.

Great! Thanks. Waiting for update.

any chance to get roof:ridge=yes evaluated?


PS: I like the new cranes (landuse:construction) :slight_smile:

The ridge proposal has not been approved yet and according to taginfo there are only 294 use of this key around the world so we don’t plan to handle it for now.

PS: the cranes handling was my idea, i’m glad you like it :wink:

Yeah, that was quick. Waiting for the update :slight_smile:

How could the direction of roofs been set? Is roof:direction used? Or roof:ridge/edge?

We handle roof:orientation=along|across on base shapes the orientation is computed from the minimal oriented bounding box.
We also handle roof:slope:direction=float (with angle in degree from north) on skillion roofs.

Ok, i’ll get a look on this tags.

btw, it seems that name of amenities (like shop=supermarket) which are set as a node, not are shown on the map.

if you want more details about how we use osm tags there are some explanations on our wiki page

You can now use “N” “NE” “E” “SE” “S” “SW” “W” “NW” as roof:slope:direction value.

Has a roof tagged with ‘N’ exactly at 0 degrees it’s highest point, or is it orientated an the line mostly in the north? For example, if you have a square roof and the lines are at 10/100/190/280 degrees, how would it look like?

roof:slope:direction is the direction downward, so if you put a ball in the mid of the roof it will roll to this direction.

Hm. Wouldn’t it be good to have a tag to orientate the roof to a wall? So that the ball rolls exactly to the middle of one side? :wink: