Reading Russian road regulations: велосипедных зонах and дворовых терр

I try to read and understand (through Google Translate)

One sentence is “а в жилых зонах, велосипедных зонах и на дворовых территориях не более 20 км/ч.”.

They translate to “bicycle zones” and “yard areas”. Can you tell me what this is and more importantly, how it would be tagged in OSM?

Жилая зона (residential area) is a territory in settlements, the beginning and end of which are indicated by road signs 5.21 and 5.22. (Look section 17 of traffic rules)

Велосипедная зона (cycling zone) is an area designated for movement of bicyclists, the beginning and end of which are indicated respectively by signs 5.33.1 and 5.34.1.

Дворовая территория (courtyard area) is not official definition in traffic rules. It means a space bounded by buildings around the perimeter, inside which can be located playgrounds, places for recreation, green spaces, local driveways to houses, schools, kindergartens, etc. Unlike the residential area, it isn’t indicated by road sign 5.21. And it haven’t road network, only local driveways.

Thank you!

So Жилая зона (residential area) is highway=living_street

Ah, so are motor vehicles allowed “as guests” in a Велосипедная зона (cycling zone)? Or are they not, unless signed otherwise? If it is bicycles-only, it is bicycle_road=yes, if it is otherwise, it is cyclestreet=yes

Then, I guess Дворовая территория (courtyard area) would be tagged with highway=service

It seems, they are allowed, and not only as guests, but cyclists have a priority. Look in section 24:

In addition:

Motor vehicles are allowed at Велосипедная зона (cycling zone).

Дворовая территория is fully equivalent to Жилая зона.
The only difference it is not marked by road signs.

There is a tag living_street=yes which can be combined with highway=service, unclassified and so on to specify the smame restrictions as highway=living_street.

Say, because of an ongoing discussion about the highway=service tags and possible subtags, do you have any (street view) photos of such courtyards (Дворовая территория )? I can’t imagine like this would look.

(The discussion is at )