Reading OSM data in android

I didnt know if this should go in the development section or android section since this deals with both but anyway I am creating an application for android that uses offline routing as one of its features. I am using the osmdroid API for the mapping and that all works fine but what I want to know is how can I use the OSM data file that you can download from to get the roads to create the route to the destination? The plan is on first install the user downloads all the files they need from my server and they wont need an internet connection again after that for routing purposes.

Also like I said I am using the osmdroid API but when that downloads the map tiles does that also download the OSM data with the street names and such along with it?

I have gone through a lot of the wiki pages, I downloaded the OsmAnd project source and tried looking at that but I cant seem to find what I am looking for in the source since it is so big

any help on this would be appreciated since I have never done any sort of navigation before so I am very new at this obviously

Osmnad would have been the hint I give you … but when you already had a look at the source code …

What about ?