Reaching out to MapRoulette communities

Hello Ruben,

Hope you are doing well. Can i post MR challenges for a couple of countries on this forum?

Of course, just remember to add the #maproulette tag to the topics you create :slight_smile:

Sure will do, Thank you!
can you please help me how to reach certain communities? let’s say like the US, French, German…etc ones?

Can you elaborate a bit more on what are you trying to do? Is this about maproulette local communities or local OSM communities in general?

MapRoulette for both Local communities and OSM in general…to participate in some MR challenges

I’m not super familiar with how MapRoulette handles communities, maybe this is a question for @mvexel

You can always point people to the #maproulette tag page or the specific topic you create with the challenges.

Thank you Ruben, appreciated (entirely unrelated to this site) shows what local communities are known about both at a country and a regional level.


MapRoulette has no built in tools for reaching certain communities. We have been relying on the existing OSM communication tools. But you can look at, for example, ( as @SomeoneElse mentioned) to investigate what tools local communities in various countries and regions use to communicate.

Hi Ruben,

a kind remark on a typo :slight_smile: Reaching “out” instead of “our”

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