Raw GPS Data to donate - who has time to convert it?

Hello people!

I’m rather user than map creator (Though I made some minor changes in my homelands and probably will do more when I find time for it).

I travel by bicycle around Europe and Asia for a year, and have collected already around 100MiB in NMEA format of my route. I recorded the stuff with a Sony Foto GPS logger, every 15s a dot, with 5 to 80km/h.

As long as I travel I don’t have the time and necessary resources (eg. fast internet) to convert and upload all the data.

If anybody has the time to do that, i’ll send my recorded data on a CD. I travelled from Switzerland through Austria, Southtirol (Italy), Slowenia, Hungary, Kroatia, Serbia, Bulgary, a little Romania, Turkey, Syria, Libanon, a little India, Nepal (including the Trekking Region Khumbu), Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia.

Serious answers get fastest result if you mail to andy (the e-mailsymbol) nyffy (dot) ch



nyffy.ch | by-cycle to neverwhere

You want to upload all the data? It makes no sense to upload roads that already are part of openstreetmap. So not only do you have to convert your data but first inspect if your tracks already exist. Then only upload only those tracks -after suitable conversion- which are new for openstreetmap.

There are several problems letting another one handle your data. You are on a bike. How can somebody else decide if your track is a highway or a bicycle path or what else?

Your offer is generous but what you want is difficult for someone who was not there.

Just my thoughts.

I disagree with greencaps here. Though there might be stretches that are covered by more then enough tracks with higher precision then the Sony GPS logger, there are a lot more where coverage is sparse. I guess this applies even more to bike-friendly roads and cycleways.

Someone with local knowledge will likely be able to interpret the tracklogs, either from himself or others like Andy.

Thanks for your offer Andy. I’ve sent you an email. Btw, I envy your biketravels :slight_smile:

@nyffy We will glady edit and submit your Thailand and Cambodia data if its not up already. Email me if you want to converse some more.