Raster data from copernicus.eu


I have downloaded the raster data for Europe from https://land.copernicus.eu/imagery-in-situ/eu-dem (EU-DEM v1.1).

To these data I apply the following orders:

  1. gdalwarp -s_srs EPSG: 3035 -t_srs EPSG: 3785 -r bilinear dc.tif dc-3785.tif
  2. gdaldem hillshade -co compress=lzw dc-3785.tif dc-hillshade-3785.tif
  3. gdaldem slope dc-3785.tif dc-slope-3785.tif
  4. gdaldem color-relief -co compress = lzw dc-slope-3785.tif slope-ramp.txt dc-slopeshade-3785.tif

to get the raster layer, but when inserting the hillshade-3785.tif and slopeshade-3785.tif layer into my map, the map takes a long time to load the tiles and sometimes doesn’t even load them.

How can I make the downloaded raster data not so heavy so that the map loads fast and doesn’t slow down?

Thank you