Raster - Black Sea (Resolved).

I am new to OSM and I would like you to help me with some questions I have. I’m styling my raster map of Europe.

I have the data from the European DB (downloaded from download.geofabrik.de) on my own server, I have the data filtered, I have created indexes and made a rendering to have the images in cache. All this to make my map load faster. With tilemill (to learn I have seen that it is simple although it is old-fashioned) I have created my style sheet and added a raster layer to it. The data for the raster I have downloaded from srtm.csi.cgiar.org.

My doubt: • When applying the raster layer with the data downloaded, I have noticed that in the Black Sea an area appears as with squares (marked with red cross) in the center which I would like to know how to eliminate so that the entire sea / water can be seen the same as in the rest of the Map. Any solution?

(Resolved) ;). I found this solution which has solved the problem for me. If the file containing the data to be modified is not very large, the following can be applied:

• Get the coordinates of the image: ‘gdal2xyz.py input_dem.tif output.csv’

output.csv is a space-delimited text file containing the x and z triplets. Z is the value that must be modified to solve the problem.

• Load the ‘output.csv’ file with a plain text editor, find the xy coordinates and modify the value of z according to your needs. Save the file.

• Then convert the file to DEM TIF with the command: ‘gdal_translate output.csv new_dem.tif’