railways in exported data

hello, where can I find the data for railway lines in data I exported from osm using the overpass API ?
I have the layers “multilinestrings”, “lines” , “points” and “multipolygons” but I can’t seem to find any attributes that would tell me anything about railways. I thought they would be in the lines layer. Do I need to download extra railway data with the same bounding box or am I just overlooking something ?

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Can you show us what you’ve done so far? If I do a similar overpass turbo search for “railway=rail” I get something like https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/14XW. The data there looks like I’d expect - it has the nodes and tags associated with things tagged as “railway=rail”.

Also, I’d be great to know what it is that you’re actually trying to do - maybe Overpass isn’t the best solution for whatever that is, and someone might be able to suggest something else.

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Personally, I find it useful (both as an answerer of questions and a consumer of answers) when people link the same question asked by the same person in different OSM forums. The fact that “replies don’t appear on both forums” is exactly the point - there’s a significant crossover in audience between lots of OSM forums (many people here also post on the help site, etc.) and it’s useful to see that this really is the same question, not just something similar but actually different by someone else altogether.

I’m trying to build a map in Carmenta Studio with roads and cities and pretty much everything a normal map would have including railways of course.
you were right. After you said you found the key in the data i did a more extensive search and found some of the lines indeed are tagged with “railway”=>“rail”. I just didn’t think of looking in the tags. sorry and thanks for the help