railway station building

ive looked thru other examples on the map but many are done differently so l am not sure exactly what to do.

on this train route, the way from 1st to last station is complete, the station stops are nodes on the way. a relation has been created to tie in the lot. now i’m working on tagging the station’s building which consists mainly of the train platforms.
info on the line here
info on one of the stations here
the relation id for the entire line is 1895592.
the permalink to one of the station’s building is here

how do i tag and name the building? the wiki said to have a single railway=station tag. in the permalink example, i tagged the node on the line where the train stops as name=Taman Jaya, railway=station. i tagged the station building as building=yes, name=Taman Jaya LRT Station. is that right?

also do i add the relation 1895592 to the buildings? if yes, what is its role?