radkarte style does not show cycle routes or contours

I tried building my own maps using the style and TYP file described here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Radfahrer/Radkarte.

The maps looks ok, except that the cycle route relations are not shown (eg. Local Cycle Network routes), and the contours are not visible.

To demonstrate this, I created a map based on the radkarte style and the another using the same osm (and contour) data, but based on the “cyclemap” style. Here are the results as shown on mapsource.

mapsource (cyclemap style, cyclemap.TYP)
The LCN cycle route is shown clearly on Zielstettstraße across the image. Contours are also visible elsewhere on this map.

mapsource (radkarte style, M0001727.TYP)

Does anyone have any clues as to what the problem could be. I can post the exact commands I used, if this will help.

I found out at least that the contours used by radkarte were specially produced with this extra “level” tag. Contours without this tag won’t be shown by this style.

It seems also that the problem with the routes is that I was using the latest version of mkgmap and not the specially patched version used by radkarte.