R1 / D3 weiter trennen?

Hi, my German is not that great in writing so here it is in English. Feel free to answer in German.
I’ve driven the route (Berlin - Boulogne-sur-Mer) and came across that very issue that the R1 and D3 don’t see eye-to-eye. That is besides the fact that signs don’t always follow the route I had on my GPS (based on OSM).
I would very much like to repair where I can, but I’m not sure about the course I should take on the issue of naming the route. My inclination is that in case of the R1, the D3 and R1 tags should be put separate. That way people driving along the route can choose to follow the R1 or D3. The route would show up like “D3/R1/[other routes]”.
I use a mapstyle based on the work of “ligfietser”. Link to his work: http://sites.google.com/site/openfietsmap/
It showes the bicycle routes very well :wink:

Hello Remy,

I travelled the D3 in NRW last year, and found some differences between R1 and D3 between Warendorf and Steinheim.
For example, the D3 went strait through Gütersloh, and the R1 around the town.
I asked the manager of the NRW Radroutenplaner about it, and he told me that D3 and R1 would be reassigned to form one Route until the end of 2009. I have not recently checked the route, but got a brandnew bikeline D3 guide which shows a route different from the one I took last year, mostly on the old R1 ways.

It would be a good idea to have different relations for R1 and D3 in osm, until it is clear that both ways are identical for the whole trip.

D3 is relation 901446 in NRW, 901472 as a metaroute to find the parts in other “Bundesländer”.
R1 is relation 286977 in NRW. 50272 in Poland.
Additionally there is a relation 18560 for the Euro-Velo-Route 2 Capitals Route, which is identical with the D3 in Germany and R1 in Poland: Up to now there are no dedicated signs for the EuroVelo-Routes at least in Germany, therefore no ref and no rendering in osm-maps.

The D3 is a pilot project for the D-Routen-Netzwerk:


Hi ajoessen,

I figured it would be something like that. Guess the project for combining D3 and R1 is still work in progress. I’ll write the relation of R1 and D3 Where applicable. I took some pictures to help me with this work…
Once the merger/transistion is over we can simply look-up-and-delete :wink:
This way people like you and me can follow the route with either the signs or the map based on OSM, without the hassle of wrong turns and going back…
Thanks for your reply.

There’s an area near the “Concordia-See” (id=18810251).
The original goes way round, but the signs lead me to the - at the time - forbidden area… Work in progress? This is one part of the R1 that puzzled me.

Sorry, a bit far away from where I live. But the village of Nachterstedt reminds me of a disaster last year:

I think they had to change the route after that.


Looking it up in the bikeline guide, the main route is Neu-Königsaue - Abenteuerland - Schadeleben - Friedrichsaue - Gatersleben - Hoym, with an extra excursion from Abenteuerland around the new Concordiasee to Friedrichsaue. This Excursion may be forbidden due to the accident last year.