Quick way to enter a feature/node on the map, from co-ordinates ?

Hi all,…
I often see on the various m/c forums, recommendations for various restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc. posted with a set of accurate GPS co-ordinates.
Bearing in mind I don’t use JOSM, I need a quick way to enter the name, an appropriate tag, and the GPS co-ordinates.
Potlatch 2 is useless for entering co-ordinates, so has anyone come across an App. or other method that works ?
Of course, duplication of existing info is a key concern.

I would also consider entering all these points on a simple spreadsheet for later data import by someone else, if that would work. Generally speaking, as the features come from people who have waypointed and recommended them, in my mind, they do deserve a place on the map ahead of the rest.


Best would probably to switch to JOSM for a variety of reasons.

If this is no option you could open iD with a URL containing the coordinate. It is centered to this position. For example:

Next best could be to create a GPX file having your coordinates and load that.
Notes could also be created.

Maybe there exist other editors which allow creation of POI at specific locations. I did not look closer. Might be worth checking out the amenity editor and I remember another editor which was designed to allow easy adding of POI features.

Things to consider:

  • the feature might already exist. Avoid creating duplicates

  • When importing a substantial amount of features from other sources you need to consider the license. Without explicit permission to use for OSM only PD-like licenses are valid




Russ, did you ever try the yapis.geoclub website? It looks good but I don’t have anything with which to test it.

Apologies for taking the time to respond … Yes, RocketMan the Yapis site does go a long way to helping, although the instructions are not completely evident at first.
I tried it out on a Hotel in Udon, and cut & pasted the coordinates, name & phone, and it worked well.

Checked the map out, and its off a little from where I wud expect it to show, but not enough to worry about. Of course, there may be reasons for this…
1). The Bing aerial may be out,
2). Being a new hotel, it may also not be in the aerial
3). The actual reported position may have been waypointed in the car park , and not the building itself.

So I need to try with a few other POI’s first before commenting on accuracy.

Naturally, next time will be quicker as I know the sequence & hopefully, will remain logged in.
So Yapis works, thanks.