Quick jump to a predefined location (bookmarks)?

I am missing a feature in JOSM, but perhaps it can be accomplished somehow
and I just cannot find it.
I would like to be able to store the current editing position and zoom level
to some kind of bookmark and then to be able to just select it and JOSM
will re-center its view to this location.
Is this possible to do somehow?

Thank you.

Have you seen this dialog box?


There is a bookmark section …

Yes, I have seen it.
But it seems that it is no use for me.
I do not want to download data from OSM again.
I have downloaded them already and I just would like
to be able to “jump” between predefined points/views
in the layer I am editing.

Ah … now I understand.

As far as I know there is no such feature in JOSM.

But you can open a feature request on JOSM mailinglist or its bugtracker.

Or: try the TODO-Plugin in JOSM … maybe you can change its feature from the todo items to bookmarks?