Questions re: GPS tracks and Garmin Nuvi 765t


I’m new to OSM and just received a brand spankin’ new Garmin Nuvi 765t from my wife for an early Father’s Day present. I would like to be able to upload tracks and map my surrounding area, but I have some questions for you more experienced folk out there.

  1. I turned off the preloaded 3D and 2D maps on the Garmin before doing the hack to get it to record. It seemed as I was driving that the car wasn’t on the road on the screen, so I assume that turning off these maps would allow the “snap to road” feature to turn off. Would this be correct, and if not, is there a way to turn it off?

  2. When trying to capture the GPS track from my Garmin and upload it to OSM last night I received an error talking about it being an “active” trace or something like that. I have no idea what this means… Is there a very general guide for recording and uploading GPS tracks for Garmin nuvi users? I haven’t been able to find one in the wiki yet.

  3. Any advice out there for newbies just starting that would be helpful?


Normal track log is always snapped to road. Those should not be uploaded or used for mapping.

However, you can use the hidden logging feature for unsnapped raw logs (Nuvi 2xx/5xx/7xx/1xxx). You’ll need a dedicated program to convert binary logs to a usable format such as gpx. See here for details:

Thanks muffu!! So then if I’m getting my GPS tracks from the GPS.bin file (of course then converting them over to .gpx), I can be sure that this is thenraw data?

Any answers on item 2 and 3 from the community?


Welcome to OSM, good to have any help we can get.

Your question on advice for starters: did you find the beginners wiki:

I think step 1 and 2 are already made, now the next is 3. You have to read that and decide what application fits your personal style best. Every OSMer has their own preferences developed over time, so will it for you. If you have specific issues or learned things you want to share, this is the place to be.

Your second question is a typical Nuvi one, so I hope a Nuvi user can help you out.

Success and enjoy the mapping, Hugo