Questions on Potlatch

Hi, Quick Question, could anybody tell me why these two black boxes are always around when i am using potlatch locally?



Are you compiling Potlatch yourself?

These are the debug boxes. If you look at then you’ll see there’s an option for these boxes - it sounds like you’ve somehow enabled it. Let me know how you’re compiling it and I can look into it further if you like.

I am compiling potlatch using Ming on Ubuntu but i’m actually transferring them over onto Windows for use.

Would that be the Trace option thats causing the boxes?
I didn’t actually touch I don’t think but heres the code anyways.

Cheers again.

Yep, it’s the Trace option. That enables those two textfields so that you can write debug messages to them, like this:“Here’s a debug message\n”; . If you compile without that option you should be ok.

Yes that seemed to solve it. Thank you.