Questions about zoo mapping

As I mentioned in another post I’d like to map my local zoos.

It seems that TIGER has done the boundaries and paths, yay.

There is no way I will be able to map the actual enclosures. There are too many trees to use the satellite images and I don’t want to be eaten at worst, arrested at best, by going into the enclosures. That leaves points on the paths, which is fine for your average zoo visitor.

My questions are about tags and icons.

There are no preset tags for exhibits within a larger amenity, especially none for zoo exhibits. Should I just make up my own? I’m thinking something like zoo_exbht=species.

About the icons, The first problem is that I’m no artist and th second is that there are zillions of species in zoos.

For the first problem, I suppose I could just start with my really bad icons and hope a better artist will some along later and make some good ones.

What if someone should map another zoo that has a species that mine doesn’t. Is the software smart enough so that I could create a generic zoo_exbht icon that will be used when there isn’t an icon already made for that species.

Any suggestions welcome.

Have a look at the Berlin zoo, or Amsterdam zoo (Artis), both have been mapped extensively

Ask permission to use the Zoo maps, and then scan them and use that to map the enclosuers.

Unfortunately the reason I’m doing this is because their maps suck. I have thought about talking to their facilities guy, hoping that they would have some maps that they would let me use.

Ah… that will probably take too long then. :frowning: Easier to just do it,…