Questions About Places that need Alot of Editing


I am just trying to figure out of there are any places that need alot of editing work done, such as places that do not have alot of people working on them. If there are any places that you know of please let me know.

Thank You

How about “your local area”? That’s what you are most familiar with, and may be able to spot lots of problems (missing shops, parks etc.) immediately. If you’ve already mapped that perfectly, how about the town the next bus or cycle ride over?

to continue on @SomeoneElse’s answer:

And after you visited 3 or 4 towns in the neighbourhood, you can come back to your home town and see whether anything has changed in the meantime. And then visit those 3 or 4 towns again, etc.

And you can start adding additional detail such as street cabinets, fire hydrants, or 3D stuff, etc.

You can also check the HOTOSM team for tasks needed attentions