questions about F4map

1.How to tag trees species in F4map? I saw somewhere for example fir trees and palm trees,i tag it but all tree are showing the same in F4map.Is there only some species which will display correspondently?

2.Another issue -Does F4map supports textures? cause only see colors instead of textures.
And how can they be applied to building facades,roofs.etc
I used kendzi3d for the roof materials,but as i said in F4map i only see the colors of that materials

3.Roof orientation problem - and i’m referring here to skillion roof.
In kendzi3d the roof it has some orientation but in F4map it has the opposite orientation.
I don’t know for sure but all my roofs seems to be oriented only to South or East.

4.I saw Notre Dame cathedral,and it has those oblique/angled arc/pillars on it’s sides - how can you model something like that?

5.And how can you model/tag that Snowman? is it this representation of a statue? :slight_smile:

  1. I think tree types are shown according to latitude of the place
  2. No support
  3. That model doesn’t come from OpenStreetMap data, it has been uploaded from another source (from proper 3D modelling software). You can turn it off in Graphic options > Display F4 specific buildings

Thank You and sorry - i edit my post after you post your reply.

  • sorry but how is that? cause i saw in that same city also the standard tree type and also the fir trees

2.Ok,So can we upload to F4map models which doesn’t come from openstreetmap?

F4map is just one of possible representations of OSM data. Just follow the common rules for mapping trees.

Also please read Good practice and Don’t map for the renderer in particular.

landuse=forest in norway:
landuse=forest in colombia:

same tag, different rendering based on location

No, the developers did that for most popular buildings to showcase the possibilities, but didn’t implement the user upload

F4map defaults tree species depending on latitude, but if it’s specified on the tree, F4map use the species. Also F4map do not have many tree variations, so you can have a pine, a palm and a default broad-leaved tree. But simply tag using the common rules for trees, and display should be good. Otherwise, indicate which tags and values you used, and we might add them to F4map :slight_smile:

roof orientation : what values did you use ? f4map uses angle from north, clockwise (i think). kendzi tries to match the building shape somehow

snowmen are replacing statues during winter holidays :smiley:

I saw your reply only now.Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody!!!

Yes,trees are rendering fine now.I think i forgot to say that i use JOSM- initially i’ve put keys:genus,species,taxon but you have to put type too or maybe leaf_type.But key:type with values palm or conifer i didn’t find in JOSM only in browser-editor.
Regarding keys and values i used for trees there are many - i found these presets from here so they are many.

But if i have to name a few for my wish :slight_smile: would be maybe:Pseudoacacia Robinia,Prunus Domestica,Tilia Cordata,Juglans Regia…
with natural tree tag or whatever tag :slight_smile:

Regarding roofs orientation i used tag:3dr:orientation on points with value:begin or end or i saw that you can use cardinal directions for tag:roof:direction but i tried to use them likewise in JOSM in which doesn’t exit but now i see they are in the browser-editor so i will try now from here.
Can you use also tag *roof:angle * ? and if yes then how? what values?

  • what’s during the rest of the year?

And since we are here - Can F4map render different wall colors which are multipolygon of ways?
,i mean each way(line) of the building is a member of multipolygon and has assigned different color

Can you create relief maps to show in F4map,and how?

I want for example to create a river bank(valley),can i do that with ways or somehow in JOSM?

If the river’s water level is for example at 0 altitude and ground at 2-3 m than i would have to elevate(lift up) the ground to that altitude, along with every building which stands on the ground…or how it is working?

or i could go only with the water level-bellow 0 (underground)

You can enable elevations in F4Map, but it’s still experimental. You cannot provide elevations to f4map.
I think there’s an ele tag in OSM though it’s not used in F4Map, but other renderers may use it.

JOSM let you type in any tag, if it’s not suggested, you can still type it.

for trees, type is deprecated, don’t use it. (it’s handled for old data, but shouldn’t be used for new data)

f4 map check for leaf_type if needleleaved or broadleaved, and then check for palm in species or genus=Arecaceae to create palms.

So to sum up, to get trees in f4map you need to specify leaf_type, and to get some palms, you can add species or genus

Ok,I see,Thanks!

I have an omnisport terrain in red asphalt.
Can it be rendered in red-orange ?