Question updating a subsection of the worldmap & a problem on apache2


I just followed most of the two HowTo tutorials in the Wiki on setting up my own OSM server on a debian system. Sofar I was pretty successful. I got upto the point of installing Mapnik but since I got errors when debuilding Tirex I skipped that part and installed mod_tile and renderd according to a different Howto. After installing openlayers I’m currently able to browse a map with tiles created by my local server. So I’m almost successful but now I have two short question :

  1. I only need a subsection of Germany on my server, so I got that OSM file I want to use from and imported it. I currently skipped the whole osmosis updating part of the howto as I was not sure if following the default description for the entire planet will lead to the update process updating not only the section I have installed but also loading the rest of the world. Can I follow the description in the HowtoMinutelyHstore also when only using a subsection of the world map ?

If no, I actually dont need dayly updates for my purposes. I would be fine with doing a manual update and import very 2 months. Can I simply import an newer version of the osm file I have imported during my initial setup using the same command as in the Howto and will all old data be replaced with new data ?

  1. My second questions related to a warning and 2 notices when I restart apache2 :

[Wed Aug 29 17:17:30 2012] [notice] Committing tile config default
[Wed Aug 29 17:17:30 2012] [warn] Could not determine host name of server to configure tile-json request. Using localhost instead
[Wed Aug 29 17:17:30 2012] [notice] Loading tile config default at /osm_tiles2/ for zooms 0 - 18 from tile directory /var/lib/mod_tile with extension .png and mime type image/png

I’m not sure why that is because I added LoadTileConfigFile /etc/renderd.conf aswell as the other lines from the Howto to my sites-available/default configuration and I have HOST=localhost in /etc/renderd.conf so I’m not sure what the complaining is about… Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance for any help