Question/suggestion about rendering of man_made=bridge for default

This question is prompted by the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge in New York City:

It’s a complicated object, with a main span crossing the East River from Queens to Ward’s Island, which it crosses over but also has a ramp down to, before splitting and going to both the Bronx and Manhattan. It’s all one structure, but it has many spans, four destinations, and a sharply curved main section. To map it I just traced the whole footprint as one multipolygon tagged with man_made=bridge.

The problem is that the curve of the bridge causes the label at the “center of gravity” to be about 600m to the east of the structure, i.e. nowhere near it. In fact, it’s closer to a different bridge (the Hell Gate Bridge), which makes the map confusing.

My question is simply whether I’ve used the tag correctly. And, if so, my suggestion is to have the label render actually within the bridge itself.

The current algorithm of the standard rendering always placed the label in the “center of gravity” as you call it. There is nothing you can do to change the position of the label. You should also not change the tagging/mapping to get the desired result.

It’s one of those cases where a smarted label placement algorithm is needed. I have no idea when (if ever) this might be adapted by the standard rendering.

Sorry for the “negative” message