Question re. Family Names in mkgmap.

I ran the following batch file to generate a .tdb for a map set.

java.exe -Xmx512M -enableassertions -jar “c:\program files\mkgmap\mkgmap.jar” --max-jobs=12 --ignore-osm-bounds --family-id=3141 --overview-mapname=My-Hikes --tdbfile --family-name=“My-Hikes” 07250735.img 07250736.img 07250737.img 07250738.img 07250740.img 07250739.img

When I installed the maps in MapSource the Family Name showed up as OSM Maps in the “product” window.
When I loaded the maps to my GPSr the product showed up as My-Hikes.

Am I missing something, or do mkgmap compiled maps always show up as OSM Maps in Mapsource.

The map was compiled from an .mp file, not OSM.

A separate question. The map was made from public data and my own tracklogs. If I give it away, am I violating any mkgmap provisions?

I think what you see in the mapsource selection box is the --series-name.


That fixed it, thanks.