Question on "imagery_used" and potential alternatives

Hi community,
I use JOSM to do my edits/additions to the OSM data, and since I once in a while use the aerial images that are “included” in JOSM as an additional information to my tracklogs, I’d like to give credit. I stumbled across “imagery_used” tag in changesets and started to use that. Now looking at the wiki page: Key:imagery_used - OpenStreetMap Wiki I see it is considered “discardable” - so basically useless.
So my question is: How do I best give credit for aerial images used?


The “discardable” status and statistics are a bit misleading, as the taginfo link refers to tags on OSM elements. On changesets imagery_used is very much in use, and is set by iD on every changeset. A random sample of JOSM users suggests that many still use the various imagery layers in the source tag, which JOSM offers as an option on uploading a changeset.


You have to distinguish between key imagery_used as property/tag of an object in the OSM database and the information about the source used in the changeset.
The latter is recommended and can be set by a simple mouseclick in the upload dialogue.
The first one is unusual anyway, it is usually accomplished by the key source=*
It should only be used when there is a special reason for it, e.g. when taken from a different source than the rest of the objects.


Thanks all for the answers!
The link @PHerison put in makes it clear that the source tag should be used on changesets, and I do this always. I usually put in “survey”, because 99% of my OSM edits are based on me hiking and taking a tracklog with my smartphone and taking photo-waypoints of POI missing for later mapping. However, If I e.g. travel down a yet unmapped path or highway, I usually use ESRI imagery to be more precise with mapping the way, since the GPS of my smartphone is not the most precise thingy in the world. So I’d say that “survey” is still the correct value for “source” in the changeset - but where to mention the use of ESRI? To my understanding the value of “source” is not multi-valued, i.e. I cannot add more than one value to it - can I?

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You can, see for example one of my changesets.


Oh, stupid me, you’re right, it even says on the “source” wiki-page: Semicolon separated values are OK. Easy enough, thanks!

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To answer the question: imagery_used is automatically added to changesets by iD and other modern editing apps listing the background imagery used during editing. JOSM can optionally do the same.

It should be considered complementary to the source tag and not a replacement.


Moving away from imagery as a source, how do you mention that info has come from the companies website? e.g. someone has posted a Note to say This Business is here but with no other info. A web search shows that business at that address, together with their website which then gives web address, phone number, hours etc, so what’s the best way of showing that that info came from their website?

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I use the website=* key with a value of their website. Some (even our wiki) say to use contact:website or even contact:= although I’ll leave that up to others to more particularly parse.

Add “website” to the source field of the changeset.


I haven’t seen this (explicitly in this forum, I might have in changeset comments), though, as I read this, I think “even better.” Can we call Michael’s suggestion an additional Solution to this?

Yep, sounds good to me!

Thanks! Do you mean that JOSM can automatically keep imagery_used up to date based on the background layers selected, or do you mean that I can add imagery_used in the changeset properties? If you mean the latter, I do this already and feel encouraged to continue, but if you mean the former (which would be totally cool), I fail to find a setting for that in JOSM’s numerous options. Can you point me there?

Does that mean that you create a changeset for every location you updated this way? Sounds impractical to me… But I lack better suggestions, so just a stupid remark…

No, I don’t. If I edit other stuff in the same changeset, I add additional sources (e.g. source=website;Bing)

Ah, my bad. Thanks for clarifying - that makes sense.

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IMHO JOSM generates the value automatically from chosen imagery when the feature is enabled, but you will need to test yourself (or convince me to spend time peering at JOSM code).

Does not do what?