Question from Germany about Korean online maps for OSM and Garmin

I am a mapper from Germany who sometimes is mapping OSM data in South Korea, especially in the county of Uljin.
Is there a way to have Daum-map or maps from Naver as Background map in the JOSM editor ?

Is there a way to load Daum-map or Naver map of South Korea into my Garmin handheld device or into mapsource from Garmin?

I’m a mapper from S.Korea. I think there is no way to use Daum-map or Naver-map as background map. In S.Korea, it is illegal to map using maps from S.Korea.

S.Korean government have a strict law that prohibits sending terrain/buildings data outside their country, because of threat of North Korea., (Korean)

In fact, North Korean army can use S.Korean map data easily. Because these map data can be easily accessed on S.Korean web site. The real reason why S.Korean government prohibits sending map data outside their country is to protect S.Korean companies from foreign companies about map.

I think you may use ‘PicLayer’. It is a plugin that allows to display any pictures as a background in the JOSM editor.


I see a lot of ways with source ‘NTIC’. For example this way. The only reference for that acronym in the context of South Korea and geodata was ‘National Transport Information Center’. Is that indeed a government source and was it used to update OSM?

For reference, I created this sheet that lists all ways in S-Korea that have a source tag. NTIC is by far the most used one so it would be really interesting to me to know what that source is, and if it impacts how you can use OSM data outside of S-Korea.