Question Editing via Hotosm for newbie

A friend got me contributing to the Puerto Rico map from Hotosm. It took me a while to figure out how get it from there VS directly into Openstreetmap. I think I figured out how to actually do buildings. My questions are;

I checked the feedback box on my edits. I want to be sure I am doing it right. Might I hear soon?

The Hotosm task says Imagery: tms[22]:https://{switch:services,server}{zoom}/{y}/{x}
I have no idea what that means.

The task says Satellite imagery: Please use the ‘Esri’ imagery, or alternatively Bing, DigitalGlobe or Mapbox
When I click on map data I don’t see any of those options. How do I get different views to compare?


You can change imagery if you click on the layers icon on the right side in online editor iD. I think HOT is using any version of iD.

For a little introduction to OSM and HOT have a look at: