question about zoom and ways not showing up (I'm a n00b)

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently discovered OSM and I love the project.

I’ve realized that it takes some time for changes to take effect but after they do it seems that I can only see some ways that I’ve drawn when zoomed in quite close. I’ve even joined one of these ways with another one (same highway) but the part I created only shows when zoomed close in but the other section (the one I joined it to) shows when zoomed out.

Does that make sense? Am I simply being impatient or doing something wrong?


Simple answer: yes, you are being impatient. :wink:
Different zoom levels are updated at different times - usually the closer zooms are updated more often than the zoomed out views.
For the Osmarender layer, you can usually speed up things by going to and requesting a rerender (zoom in to level 12, and press i ).

Also, it could be you are looked at a cached version of the tiles. Doing a shift+refresh in your browser might help.

Thanks Vclaw. I sorta figured that might have been part of the issue I just wanted to check. Also, Shift+refresh didn’t work this time but that’s likely due to the time thing.

Thanks for the tip about the Osamarender too :slight_smile: