Question about way classification in regards of navigation routing

As a newer contributor to OSM and a new user of Organic Maps (which utilizes OSM) I noticed that when navigating between various locations it prefers to route via what I would consider less efficient routes (the mainstream navigation apps agree with me also) - for example when navigating from Netanya to Modi’in it routes via route 40 instead of route 4 (when avoiding toll roads).
I reached out to them (Organic Maps) about this and the explanation we reached was that it probably is related to way type classification and/or [default] way speed limits.

I’m less familiar with these kinds of mapping features/properties, and wouldn’t want to unconfidently make large scale changes like it may incur.

What could you suggest doing about this?
Who understands about this more and can assist?


Hello, current main roads classification was done after many discussions and feels pretty correct and stable. But, it’s interesting to understand what exactly OrganicMaps algorithm things. Can you, please, try to narrow your testing route to understand which minimal part of road 4 OM doesn’t like? Good routing algorithms are very complex, for example, I usually prefer 4 over 40 mostly because of many traffic lights/junctions on road 40, you, probably too, right? Does OM algorithm includes this factor into calculation?

In any case, since OSM is editable by everybody, and constantly updated - there is a chance that some part of the road might not be defined right and can be fixed, only need to find this part.

Please share either your full route or a critical part, and we’ll try to see what might be wrong.

With my minor understanding of OSM road/way classification, I will believe you’re right - especially regarding major routes like 4 and 40.

Regarding narrowing the test route, I’m not sure I entirely understood how to try what you suggested…here’s what I tried (followed with my opinion on the results, in brackets):

Route to Modi’in from Netanya, suggested by Organic Maps: 40 (bad)
Route to Modi’in from Ra’anana, suggested by Organic Maps: 40 (bad)
Route to Modi’in from Petah Tikva, suggested by Organic Maps: 40 (bad)
Route to Modi’in from Tel Aviv, suggested by Organic Maps: 4 (good)

Route from Netanya to Savion, suggested by Organic Maps: 4 (good)
Route from Netanya to Or Yehuda, suggested by Organic Maps: 4 (good)
Route from Netanya to Tzafria, suggested by Organic Maps: 4 (good)
Route from Netanya to Ben Gurion, suggested by Organic Maps: 40 (bad-ish)

Regarding my original route, it’s what I wrote in the original post (to Modi’in from Netanya).

Checked their github repo, there are some bugs about “inefficient routing”, so you are not alone :slight_smile:
For example, from the owners answer in the issues 1633 I can understand that their routing algorithm is not yet optimized to include traffic light (and other signs) into calculation. so far only maximum speed affects routing. There are more: 1271

So, I can conclude that our roads definitions are probably ok, and there is nothing to fix here.

App looks very promising, but still too young to be an usable alternative. If you wish something more mature - checkout OsmAnd and

Thanks, after reading those issues there I feel the same as you.

Last week I already downloaded OsmAnd, and am starting to learn it. (:

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