Question about save SVG

Hi. When i add notes in openstreetMap, draw lines, and than download it in SVG,PNG,JPEG format, it not shows notes and lines. I want to know how can save data for examle (notes or draw lines).

Why would you want to export notes?

The purpose of notes is to draw attention to defects to other mappers. As such, the ideal note turns green very quickly and disappears within a week.

I’m not aware of any facility to draw lines on any of the standard renderings.

I’m wondering if “notes” should be “nodes” above?

There’s an “export” option at the top of the screen as well as the “share” one at the right. “share” allows you to create e.g. a .PNG from the data, and “export” allows you to actually export the raw data.

Don’t try it on large areas though, as it won’t work. However, below the “export” button it says “If the above export fails, please consider using one of the sources listed below:” and links to other places you can get OSM data extracts from. If you want to extract more data or select certain sorts of data only also have a look at and .