Question about OSM data


I have a question about OSM data.

There was a historical road. Its individual sections have been preserved. There are plots on the ground. Some of them are in poor condition. Others are used for driving.

The road has a well-known historical name. No other names are known for the preserved sections of the road.

Is it possible to sign the historical name in the name= tag in this case? Is it possible to apply the analogy as for ruins?

Maybe it would make sense as a route relation name, but it’s going to depend on the details. For example, here:

is somewhere I was yesterday. That name doesn’t apply to any modern bits of road, but it’s pretty clear when you’re there that the modern bits of road were part of a roman road, and the “route=historic” relation has the name of it.

I suspect that you’re going to need to discuss it with other people in your local community and see what makes sense to everyone.

I understand that in your case, the road does not have its own name? Roman Road" is a common term. A complete analogy in the case of: a historical road with a history of 300 years, the name London Road (because it goes to London), the name disappeared from everyday use no more than three generations ago. The name is widely known to historians and museum staff, they tell about it on excursions. The name can be easily found on Google.

Would you use the name= tag?

Especially if your goal is educational, for the population and municipal authorities? I believe that the OSM project is of great importance for educating people. This is especially important for Russia, since due to wars and revolutions in the XX century, people moved a lot and refused to be torn from their roots. 95% of the Russian population live in their place in the first generation and do not quite know the history of the place where they live.

Different situations can arise.

There is a road here: where a section no longer exists (houses and a park were built on it in the 20th century), so it is tagged abandoned:highway=residential

There was a road here: where a new road was built to remove some dangerous bends, some of the old road was dug up, so it is tagged abandoned:highway=primary and old_ref=N56. The section south of this was made a cycleway, so it is tagged highway=cycleway
old_ref=N56 In other places, a road may just be abandoned and not dug up.

There is a road here: where the name was changed in the 20th century, because John F Kennedy was preferred over Queen Victoria, so it is tagged old_name=Victoria Quay.

Sometimes, the name local people use and the official name may be different, so you can use loc_name=* or alt_name=*.