Question about name=, int_name= and name:en=

Hello everyone,

This is Andrew from the Apple team. My team has been looking at road name data in Greece on OSM and investigating the policies on the OSM Wiki such as and I had a few questions about the name tags.

I understand that name:en= is the English name and int_name= is the transliteration of the name= (from Greek), but sometimes it looks like name:en= is also a transliteration to Latin characters. Would it make sense to move the name:en to int_name to be consistent? For example, we found inconsistent tags, like on the street names that are dates. Sometimes they are translated or sometimes just transliterated, such as (25is Martiou) vs (25th Martiou Street) vs (25th March Street). And what about other names, such as for a person, should the transliteration be in name:en or name_int, or both?

If there is an agreement how to tag things in name:en and/or int_name I could set up a MapRoulette challenge for that, and my team could help adjust them, as well as anyone else who might be interested.

I also had a question about the street types or street prefixes, like Street, Road, Avenue etc. (such as Οδός). I understand they are generally not included in the name=, name:en= or int_name= tags, and sometimes are in included in name:prefix= such as However some roads have the prefix included in name:en or int_name, is that correct? Or can those all be deleted or moved into name:prefix?


Most answers about your questions are found here:

In my opinion, the best option about naming, is what name should help a foreign visitor find his way, asking a local resident, without having to know English or other language both of them.
This is the best condition for me.

Hello everyone. Per our conversation I created a MapRoulette challenge to go through potential name:en issues:

The tasks are divided into ways, so there may be multiple tasks for one road. You can select multiple tasks at the same time by clicking the wrench icon at upper right and then adding the “Multi Task Work” widget, or you can try this method to select only those tasks in an area

You can also zoom in and pick challenges in specific places.

I hope this is useful! I removed some already that were clearly in English but without more local knowledge I didn’t want to do too much.