Question about hidden post

I made a comment last night in the “Steve Coast’s proposal for OSMF strategic plan” discussion that was hidden as inappropriate for some reason. I was wondering if an admin could look at it and tell me exactly what the issue with the post was. Since at least from what I can tell it was pretty innocuous and I don’t think it should be hidden just because someone disagreed with what I wrote. Thanks.

Yes Adamant1, your post was censored because it contained ad-hominem attacks against Simon Poole and another community member and this violates the etiquette guidelines. If you rephrase it to focus on your idea and not the individuals with whom you disagreed, your comment will be quickly unhidden. Until you make these requested changes it will remain hidden. This decision is final but you are of course welcome to appeal to the board who can elect to overturn the moderator action.

Best Regards,

Logan McGovern

Thanks for the clarification. I’m fine editing the message so it will be unhidden. That said, I don’t see any ad-hominem attack in it though. I certainly didn’t intend there to be one either. So can you be more specific about which sentence is the problem and why it’s an issue? Are we just not allowed to mention other people by name or what? If that’s the case then there’s at least a couple of posts by SimonPoole that should be hidden because they were personal comments about Steve Coast. No one seems to have an issue with them though. So I don’t really see what the difference is. Or was it more to do with the word “privilege” being taboo for some reason then me using Simon Poole’s name in a sentence? I’m fine not using the word “privilege” anymore if that’s the case, but it’s a little ridiculous to call it abusive or hateful.

Please direct us to these posts by Simone Poole and we will evaluate them against the etiquette guidelines.

I will once my question has been answered. I’d like to edit out the part of my message that was an ad-hominem attack so it can be un-hidden first though, but I can’t do that if your not willing to tell me exactly what I said that needs to be changed and why though. Do I delete the word “privilege” from the message? Do I need to take any mention of specific people out it? What specifically needs to be done to the message for it to be unhidden?

I do not have the time to provide a detailed answer immediately, but I will provide suggestions and point out which portion is contrary to the etiquette guidelines sometime in the next five hours.

I will also review the posts that you flagged by Simon poole.

No worries. I appreciate the offer, but I edited the message to just say “people” instead of naming specific users. I’m not taking out the word “privilege” though since there’s nothing abusive about it. Hopefully that’s adequate. I’ll also try not to name specific people when I write a message next time. Even if they are involved in the conversation and are the people who I’m responding. Since it’s apparently super abusive and offensive to say someone’s name when your responding to them or some nonsense :man_shrugging: Anyway, thanks for answering the question at least.